Ankommen, sich einrichten, abreisen: Ein Hotelaufenthalt ist mit etlichen Formalitäten verbunden. BANKINGNEWS und das Magazin Business Spotlight stellen dazu einige nützliche und typische Dialoge auf Englisch vor.


• Have you got any vacancies?
• I’d like to reserve a double room with a shower, please.
• I’d prefer a non-smoking room.
• Have you got any rooms with king-size beds?
• How much does the room cost per night?
• I’m not sure whether I’ll be staying three nights or four.
• I’d like to extend my stay for an extra two nights, please.
• Are there any exercise facilities nearby?

Here are some questions you may be asked:
• How many nights will you be staying?
• Full board or half board?
• Would you like a single or a doubled room?
• Would you like a room?

• Hello. My name is Peter Braun. I’ve got a reservation.
• Good evening, Mr Braun. Welcome to the Hemlock Hotel. Let me just check my records.
• Do you need to see my confirmation number?
• That won’t be necessary, sir. I see you’ve got a booking for a room in our Executive Wing, with breakfast, for three nights. Is that correct?
• Yes, it is.
• That’s a room rate of £120 a night. If you’ll just fill in this form and sign here, please.
• OK.
• And may I see a credit card, please, for the security deposit? You won’t be charged before departure, of course.
• Of course. Here you are.
• Thank you. (…) Here’s your card back, sir. You will be staying in room 140. That’s on the first floor. The lifts are to your right. Breakfast is served in the Regency Room from 7 to 10 a.m. That’s right through the door there. Tea-making facilities are in the room.
• Lovely. I wonder if someone could help me with my bags.
• Certainly. I’ll call a porter right away. You’re welcome to go ahead to your room, and he’ll be up shortly.
• Great. Oh, could I have a wake-up call at seven tomorrow?
• Certainly, sir. And if you need anything else, just press the “concierge” button on your phone.
• Thanks. Your restaurant isn’t open any more, is it?
• I’m afraid not, but our room service is available 24 hours a day, so there’s no need to go hungry. Have a pleasant evening, and enjoy your stay.

• Could you arrange for a taxi to take me to the station at two o’clock this afternoon, please?
• Could I have a wake-up call at six o’clock, please?
• When do you start serving breakfast?
• Could you order The Times for room number 123 for tomorrow morning, please?
• I’d like to order a hire car (US: rental car) for two days. Could you recommend a company?
• Is that room service? I’d like to order a bottle of champagne and a smoked salmon sandwich for room number 101, please.
• Excuse me, how do I get an outside line?
• What’s the dialing code for Germany/Switzerland/Austria?
• Do you offer an overnight laundry/dry-cleaning service?
• I need this shirt pressed by tonight. Is there an ironing service?
• Is there any way I could send a fax from here?
• My wife will be joining me in my room this weekend.

• This is Peter Braun from room 140. I can’t seem to get on to the Internet from here.
• Have you followed the instructions on your desk, sir?
• Yes, but it’s still not letting me in.
• I could send someone up, sir, but did you know that we offer free wireless LAN in our Executive Lounge?
• Oh, really? I didn’t know that. I’ll go up there, then.
• Very good, sir.

• This is Peter Braun from room 140. I just wanted to report that the toilet is running constantly.
• Have you tried jiggling the handle, sir?
• No. I’ll try that. … Yes, that seems to have done the trick.
• Very good, sir. I’m sorry about the inconvenience.
• No problem. Thanks for your help.

• Yes, I’m calling from room 140. Could I have an extra bath towel, please?
• Certainly, sir.
• I’ve also got some laundry to be done.
• Just put it in the laundry bag, and we’ll pick it up.
• Great. Can it be done by ten o’clock tomorrow?
• No problem, sir.

• I’d like to check out of room 140, please.
• Certainly, sir.
• Here’s my card key.
• Thanks. So that’s three nights with breakfast. And there were some telephone charges.
• That’s correct.
• Did you have anything from the minibar, sir?
• No, I didn’t.
• How would you like to pay for the room?
• By credit card, please.
• Very good. Here’s your bill. If you’ll just sign right here.
• OK.
• Thanks for staying at the Hemlock, sir.

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